Alakisa is a young planet, formed not so long ago (in astrophysics terms) in the Luzon Great Void.

Voids are huge areas of the universe where there are hardly any galaxies and stars ... Here is an image taken from the Wikipedia page


where you can clearly see that there are large scale filaments of clusters of galaxies, with void areas clearly visible.

Alakisa was originally under water, where methane bubbles formed in ice, just like in Abraham lake.

However, here, the methane bubbles remained for centuries, becoming covered by deposits, and gradually solidifying into small vertical mountains of lozenge-like pastilles, one on top of the other.

You can see how they might have been formed, here:

Now imagine the same structure covered in stone, the water evaporated, and that you are standing at the base of the columns ... that is Alakisa!

There are practically no stars visible at night, in the void. Everything is dark, empty and a little scary.

But there is plenty of instellite, and a small pool of ortholiquid. Enough.